Feed Stores

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Feed stores are a very important aspect of urban farming. Without feed stores it would be very hard to maintain your urban farm, especially your poultry and live stock. In the Phoenix Metro area there are over 50 feed stores. These stores offer a range of products for urban farmers.

Personally, I have been to a lot of the feed stores across Arizona. I’ve been to so many it is almost embarrassing.  From this experience I have learned that no two feed stores are the same, even the same chains all have different products and set-ups.

There are higher end chains and then there are the “mom and pop” stores. In some cases the chains have better stock, but once in a while the “mom and pop” stores have unusual products.

The “mom and pop” stores often have different breeds of animals and more local products. One of my favorite local feed stores is Gordon’s Feed and Seed Store.  This store has local farmers contributing to their animal stock. They often purchase and resell chicks from local breeders and even animals that no longer have homes, such as roosters that can no longer live in certain urban areas.

One of my favorite chains that just started opening stores up in Arizona is Tractor Supply. Tractor Supply is the ultimate farm store.

This store has anything and everything related to urban farming. It attracts people with small farms and big farms. The innovatory of this store ranges from pet food, to clothing, to home improvement supplies. Tractor Supply has a huge selection of supplies and sells feed for almost any type of pet including dogs, cats, chickens, goats, and sheep.

Feed stores offer an array of supplies for urban farming and there are many stores in the Phoenix Metro area. They are also a lot of fun to visit!


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