Urban Farming in a Dorm Room: Part 2

In an earlier post I gave you some ways to participate in urban farming, if you live in a dorm room or an apartment. Urban farming in a door room is not hard and in order to prove it to you I am going to give you some examples of people who have participated in urban farming in someway in a dorm setting. Emily Lierle is a student at Arizona State University and she urban farms in her dorm room because she fell in love with agricultural farming over the summer. Lierle worked in Williston, North Dakota, an oil boom town, at the North Dakota State University Williston Research Extension Center as what she calls a “machinery girl”, which she says is basically a farmer.

Photo curtsy Emily Lierle

Photo curtsy Emily Lierle

She says that the research center takes “different varieties of plants and testing them out and tell farmers, that this is the best yield of corn variety.” She says that she got to work out in the fields some days and even planted potatoes and helped harvest some plants. Lierle says she enjoyed the experience and got to meet lots of people that she grew close with “It was just really nice cause like I’m usually in the concrete jungle, Phoenix, and I got to be out in nature.” She enjoyed everything being more laid back and being able to go out into a field and just be alone enjoying nature.

Emily Lierle

Lierle participating in the harvesting of potatoes
Photo curtsy of Emily Lierle

To reminder her of her summer experience Lierle has a few plants in her room. “I worked a lot with plants this summer and I was inspired to keep something in my room. I really wanted to keep basil but I can’t just eat basil” says Lierle.  “This summer I just learned how to take care of plants.” She learned how to care for different kinds of plants and likes they way they liven up the room. Lierle is now thinking about getting her Masters in Agriculture because of her experience over the summer.

Emily's Plants

Lierle’s Plants

Emily's Plants

Lierle’s Plants

Roommates Sarah Atchinson and Alex Scoville both participate in urban farming in their own ways, even though they live in a dorm. Atchinson has a few plants on her windowsill in her room and takes care of them because she enjoys it. “I like the idea of taking care of something other than myself, plus I think its nice to have some vegetation in a room, it adds a little color” she says.

Scoville regularly attends the Phoenix Public Market and says “Usually I go every Saturday, first of all it’s nice to wake up early in the morning and go grocery shopping, there’s a lot of people and music and lots of good smells.” She says one of her motivations for attending the farmers market is that she is supporting the local community by purchasing groceries and crafts there. She added that “there is something there for everyone.”

There are many ways to participate in urban farming when you live in a dorm room or apartment and these three women are only a few examples.


One thought on “Urban Farming in a Dorm Room: Part 2

  1. I love the Phoenix Public Market! Everything is delicious and you just feel right when you buy something. Plus everyone is so nice and friendly, and I always find something interesting. Although that early in the morning is a little rough for me, coffee is always close by!

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